Lemon Web Design

Lemon Web Design is an Israeli web design studio led by Ofri Chen, a web designer with over 10 years of experience in design, planning and understanding of the web design industry, UI and User Experience.

Lemon Web Design specializes in two main areas: web design and user experience design (UX) - finding the correct tone for both customer and user, in order to create a unique website design, while taking into consideration the capabilities and limitations of the Internet world, search engine optimization, cross platform design - and above all, understanding the needs of the end user for the best web design and UX design.

From our Clients 

  • "Working with Ofri has been fun and quick. Exact schedules, dedicated and caring service even after several rounds of revisions and after the completion of the work. I felt that Ofri truly understands web design. I highly recommend selecting Ofri for your web design project."

    Barak Danin - Chairman of UX Israel Organization and CEO of UniqUI